The Empowering Children Foundation is the largest Polish NGO protecting children from abuse and helping child victims.
Our activities are carried out be a team of experienced professionals united by their shared commitment to combating the problem of child abuse.
E-mail addresses of the Empowering Children Foundation’s employees are created according to the pattern:

Foundation Board

The Foundation Board supervises the work of the Management Board and approves decisions that are crucial for our functioning. The Foundation Board comprises 8 members representing various fields and competencies related to the third sector, business, and science.

Elżbieta Czyż – Chairperson
Jakub Chechelski
Aleksander Drzewiecki
Teresa Jaśkiewicz-Obydzińska
Maria Kolankiewicz, Ph.D.
Marcin Kotlarek
Anna Lechowska
Mikołaj Rytel

Management Board

The Foundation’s Management Board consists of 5 members who manage the overall implementation of the Empowering Children Foundation’s strategy.

Monika Sajkowska, Ph.D. – President of the Management Board
Maria Keller-Hamela – Vice President of the Management Board
Marta Skierkowska – Member of the Management Board
Renata Szredzińska – Member of the Management Board
Łukasz Wojtasik – Member of the Management Board


Child Advocacy Centre

Beata Wojtkowska – coordinator of Child Advocacy Centre

Alina Margolis-Edelman Child and Family Centre

Renata Szredzińska – coordinator

Empowering Children Foundation, Branch Office in Gdańsk

Krzysztof Sarzała – branch office coordinator

Child Advocacy Centre in Starogard Gdański

Aurelia Jankowska – coordinator

Child Protection Standards Programme

Katarzyna Seidel – programme coordinator

Child in the Web Programme

Łukasz Wojtasik– programme coordinator
Szymon Wójcik – Safer Internet programme coordinator

Helpline Programme: 116 111 Helpline for Children and Young People and 800 100 100 Helpline for Parents and Teachers on Keeping Children Safe

Paula Włodarczyk – coordinator

Research Programme

Joanna Włodarczyk – coordinator

“Abused Child” Quarterly

Monika Sajkowska – editor in chief

Foundation Office

Front Office

Anna Michalik-Majzner

PR and Events Department

Julia Szlęzak – PR coordinator

Fundraising Department

Magdalena Sadłowska – fundraising specialist, Fundraising Department coordinator

Accounting Department

Magdalena Sagała – chief accountant officer

Legal Department

Justyna Podlewska – coordinator

IT Department
Marcin Kowalski – coordinator