Children Foundation

We are non-governmental organization which provides comprehensive services dealing with 
the issues of the violence and sexual abuse of children


children and teenagers have experienced violence at least once in their lives


teenagers were sexually abused without physical contact, 8% - with physical contact


children have experienced violence from a close adult

How do we help?

We provide free of charge assistance to the children who experienced abuse

We run a network of Child Advocacy Centres - specialized institutions where we provide comprehensive and free help to children victims of crime.

We provide phone support to children and young people in crisis. We support parents and children in preventing and helping children who experience problems and difficulties.

We advise what can be done when there is a suspicion that a child is being abused; which institutions are obliged to check what is happening in a children’s home and provide help.

We provide direct help to children and families. We educate parents of children up to 6 years of age in preventing violence against children and in good parenting.

How can you support us?

Thanks to your donation we can help another child

It allows us to answer a call on 116 111 - a helpline for children and young people

Support us 

It makes it possible for the psychologist and the lawyer to prepare a child for the interview

Support us 

It allows us to initiate a therapy treatment of a child who has experienced violance

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