Granting certificates


Granting certificates to institutions implementing child protection standards within the programme “We Protect Children”


Since 2010 the Empowering Children Foundation has coordinated “We Protect Children” – a programme aimed at promoting standards of child protection at educational, care, and other institutions.

In 2014–2016 the programme has been carried out within the governmental programme „Safe and Friendly School”.

The goal of “We Protect Children” is to protect children from abuse by adults (parents, caregivers, institutional staff) and by peers. The programme has been carried out by implementing the child protection standards defined within each institution’s child protection policy. Institutions that meet the child protection standards are granted “We Protect Children” certificates.

An institution complies with the programme’s requirements if:

  • it has clearly defined, written procedures of intervention in case of suspected child abuse
  • it protects children’s personal data and images
  • it makes sure children have safe access to the Internet
  • it has clearly defined, written rules concerning the child-staff relationships
  • it checks its employees’ criminal record to make sure they have not been convicted of offences against children
  • its employees have been trained in identifying symptoms of child abuse and know how to respond
  • it offers children and parents education on protecting children from abuse

Institutions that want to apply for the „We Protect Children” certificate have to register on . After signing up, the institution makes a self-evaluation to assess its level of compliance with the child protection standards and is given an individual action plan aimed at full implementation of the standards. When this is achieved, the institution applies for the certificate through the website.

Granting the “We Protect Children” certificates and supporting institutions that work towards the certificate is a continuous activity of the Empowering Children Foundation and the programme’s partners: the Ministry of National Education, the Orange Foundation, the Energa Foundation, and local authorities across Poland.