We have empowered children for 25 years! After a quarter century the Nobody’s Children Foundation has changed its name

The Nobody’s Children Foundation has changed its name into Empowering Children Foundation. For 25 years the organisation has worked for children, their parents and caregivers, and professionals working with children. The Foundation’s new name and visual identity is the effect of its growth, reflecting the fact that over the years the scope of its activities has substantially broadened. The core of the Foundation’s mission remains the same: helping children who experience abuse.

We have worked for abused children for the past 25 years. We have done a lot to raise the awareness of and sensitivity to the problem of child abuse. Today, as a society, we are in a different place than a quarter century ago. Undoubtedly, the Foundation’s activities have contributed to this change, says Monika Sajkowska, President of the Empowering Children Foundation (previously Nobody’s Children Foundation).

The Nobody’s Children Foundation was established in 1991. Initially, it focused on providing immediate help for abused children. Over the years the range of the Foundation’s activities broadened to include national helplines for children, widely understood prevention (e.g.,  supporting good parenting or preventing risks to children in the real world and on the internet), and lobbying/advocacy activities – influencing the Polish law to make it more effective in protecting children’s interests. Today it is the largest Polish organisation addressing the problem of child abuse.

We have grown out of our previous name, because over the years the scope of our activities has become much broader, explains Monika Sajkowska. We felt it was inadequate for our prevention activities, but we also found it inappropriate in relations with our child clients and their parents. We heard children and caregivers telling us they did not feel comfortable with the negative message carried by the previous name of our organisation.

The new name, Empowering Children Foundation, emphasizes the positive effects of our work and the fact that it is possible to change the reality in which our clients live.


The motto ‘We empower children’ has been with us for a long time. Many years ago we organized a photography contest about a happy childhood. The main prize went to Anna Onopiuk. In her black and white picture, a sad but calm boy was demonstrating a symbolic gesture of power. We were enchanted by that picture, because it expressed the Foundation’s purpose. We gave it the caption: ‘We empower children’ and later used it frequently in the Foundation’s image-building materials. The motto became so deeply ingrained that we had no doubt it would be a good name for the Foundation, says Monika Sajkowska.

A natural consequence of the Foundation’s new name is a change of its logo, a new visual identity system, and the creation of a new website, fdds.pl, which has replaced the Foundation’s previous website, fdn.pl.

The Foundation could rely on experts’ assistance in the rebranding process. The key role in charting the direction of change was played by Marek Dorobisz, the creative director of The Boom agency (Media Impact Polska within the Onet-RAS Polska Group), who noted that Empowering Children was a good name for the Foundation, consistent with its needs. The new logo, the visual identity system, and the fdds.pl website were developed by the Św. Jerzy (Saint George) Creative Team.

The new logo clearly refers to the previous one, which symbolically reflects the continuity of the Foundation’s work. When creating the new logo, its authors focused on a symbolic empowerment of children who were and still are the main part of the logo design. In the new version, the girl and the boy raise their hands in a gesture of joy and carefreeness. They were also liberated from the restricting frame.

What has not changed is the way the organisation works and its everyday efforts for thousands of children. In the nearest future the Foundation plans to focus on broadening its support and prevention activities. The Foundation’s 116 111 Helpline for Children and Young People or the “We Protect Children” programme carried out in education institutions are important for keeping children safe on a daily basis. Together with the Onet-RAS Polska Group, which has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Foundation, the ECF plans to raise funds for starting a specialised Child Advocacy Centre.

Children are at the heart of the Foundation’s new name, and empowering them is the main purpose of our work. ‘Empowering Children’  reflects the Foundation team’s collective effort, but the changes we bring about in children’s lives would not be possible without our friends: people of good will, donors and partners who want to empower children and do give them strength, working with us. Without them our efforts would not be so effective, adds Monika Sajkowska.

How does the Foundation empower children?

  • We change abused children’s lives. We give them the sense of security, self-worth, and self-confidence; we help them to regain confidence in people. We give children the potential for a good life in the future, without the burden and effects of their traumas.
  • We empower children by investing in adults: parents, caregivers, and professionals. Competent, confident, calm, and understanding caregivers make children strong.
  • We give children knowledge and skills to avoid risks and seek help.

We make children important. We represent them and speak for them. We work for them to be treated as fully-fledged human beings, for their voice to be heard, and for their rights to be known and respected. We work for the child’s best interest to be taken into consideration in all decisions concerning them.