All support services offered by the Empowering Children Foundation are free of charge.

Direct help

The Empowering Children Foundation supports children and their families, providing help in situations of abuse.
Our facilities offer psychological and legal help to children who have experienced abuse (physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect, cyberbullying) and to their families. We also support parents of young children (0–6) who for different reasons are not well prepared to care for and raise their children in a conscious and safe way.
Our goal is to support children in overcoming the trauma related to the experience of abuse. We help them to regain self-confidence and to start enjoying life again.


The Empowering Children Foundation provides telephone help for children and teenagers in difficult life circumstances, and for adults – parents and professionals working with children.
Our consultants listen, support, intervene and provide information in situations related to children and their safety.
The phone conversations with children and young people concern a variety of problems. Some of them are very serious and require immediate intervention. Others may seem trivial but they are always related to young children’s need to have contact with a friendly adult who will listen to them and give them advice.
Adults tend to contact us when they are concerned about a child – when they think the child’s safety may be threatened, when they suspect abuse or want to undertake intervention or learn more about a particular problem.
We are there to listen and to help the caller Look for a solution that will keep the child safe. The Empowering Children Foundation’s helplines are available free of charge from all landline and mobile phones in Poland.